Friday, January 23, 2009

The annoying, '25 things about you' notes..

As pointless as these things must seem, I recently realized that they could be an excellent reason to reflect on my life thus far and see where i am falling short and where i am succeeding... i felt much better after i completed this short '25 random things about me' list... i encourage some of you to do it, and maybe post it on your own blogs... so that i can know more about my fellow bloggers (although it doesnt necessarily have to be personal)

anywho here's my 25 random facts about me..

1. I don't really like cheese, and i absolutely hate mayo or anything that even slightly resembles it
2. I am not comfortable in my own skin
3. Ironic to #2, I could have been a model last summer, however I couldn't travel to Toronto on a regular basis
4. I have never believed long distance relationships work, however I'm in one right now
5. I want to be in the RCMP, but leaving my friends and family is holding me back
6. I also want to go to law school, or do a masters degree, but money is holding me back
7. I am disapointed when people talk about me behind my back, because I always find out, but i realize who my real friends are which is a plus
8. I can't wrap my head around the concept of God, as much as I'd like to belive in such a thing
9. Going to church for the first 10 years of my life didn't make me a good person, good parenting, great friends, and self-determination did
10. I am a hopeless romantic
11. I feel like I'm destined for more than the normal everyday life that everyone else is living.
12. I want to have a family and children, I have already picked their names.
13. I get lonely
14. I enjoy playing hockey, especially with the boys, it lets me know that I am good at what I do
15. I am capeable of unconditional love
16. I know that I am a good person inside, and that people will and do look past my flaws and love me for who i am. That makes me have faith in people
17. I really want to help people and I sincerely enjoy volunteer work, and am disapointed because I don't do it enough
18. I love to learn, I don't know how I'll survive without school
19. Frosh week and my week at OELC were the best two weeks of my life, hands down
20. I believe that we should accept people for who they are, let people make their own decisions, but help them when they need it
21. I think that no matter what kind of policies Obama puts in place, it can't be as bad as the complete stupidity Palin would have brought to the white house.
22. American politics is more interesting than Canadian Politics
23. I don't want to give up on my dreams, and I fear that I will
24. I am a good student
25. I think things like this are pointless, and it's kind of lame to write pointless facts about yourself, but also a good procrastination so i don't have to write my sociology paper

i realize now, that it wasnt as bad as i originally thought, and i see where i'm falling short and where i've really developed as a good person.. i really encourage anyone else to fill this out themselves...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas and the year to come....

well i really haven't written a good post in a long time...

... mainly it is procrastination and my love for the many tv channels i get now that i am at home (compared to my 29 channels in north bay, half of which are in french.. and did i mention i can't speak french).

... anywho. lots of things have happened since my last post, but once again i won't bore you with the intimate detatils of my personal life... however a few tidbits of information about yours truly certainly couldn't hurt.

1. how is it possible that i'm sitting at a 79 average even though all of my marks in the last 2 years except for three are in the 80s. it just doesn't seem fair. work my ass off all semester and still fall short of the honor roll threshhold. well i guess there's always next semester.

2. i am going to my first leafs game in early january. this is extremely exciting as i have been a long time fan (but no faith supporter) of the team that makes the most money but still fails to capture the coveted stanly cup.

3. i have blown my budget. but i've tried to stick to it as much as humanly possible. lets hope the grandparents help me out again this semester. they're the greatest.

4. i have a great man in my life, he's been here for at least 7 months, and i'm still affraid to comit even though i have no reason to say no to him. i've turned into the commitment fearing members of the opposite sex that i normally loathe

5. i bought new snowboard boots and bindings. and with an old board from the man in my life mentioned above i can finally call myself a snowboarder (although i still haven't quite mastered how to carve on my toe edge, i just always feel like i'm going to fall on my face)

5 1/2. there is no snow in southern ontario. which makes buying the new snowboard gear seem like a complete and total waste of my money.

6. i wrote a test to become a border services officer yesterday. who knew the federal government would make me write 5 hours of tests to see if i had adequate general knowledge. i figure being in university would suffice for that requirement.

7. i miss north bay.

oh.. and i got some sweet christmas presents... including a pair of beautiful earings and those leafs tickets that i am oh so excited to put to good use...

... well i guess this is it happy new year everyone!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Birthday Wishes

just wanna give a big shout out to my main man J.C. ... happy birthday big man... how old are you now.. like 2008 years old.. or are you 2009 now?

anywho... happy birthday dude

Thursday, November 27, 2008

short post..

this is just an apology for once again, neglecting my blog...

.. i've thought about updating it lately, but i am right now in my 'week of hell'

i know all of you at nipissing students have this week, or maybe more than one week of hell... but as of next week i won't have anything to do so i'll update with a good story/rant then.

look forward to seeing appearances by Kota, Uggs, the border, 24, exams, etc.

ttfn (ta-ta for now)

- Tigger

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And Another Month Flies By...

well, it seems like that the month of October flew by with absolutely no posts on my blog so far..

... for those of you following this blog i am sorry i have been so completely un-interesting, but i did warn you that i was pretty normal (therefore cramming for midterms and playing hockey is taking over my life)..

... although i can't say i'm disapointed, my marks are good so far (although i really don't want to jynx it) and hockey is going pretty well with the women's team looking better than ever with a fresh crop of rookies making up almost half the team... as for intramural hockey, things are getting better with All Good starting to win our games... i'm not saying i expected us to win every game, but i figured we wouldn't lose the first two.. with a fresh win from sunday things are starting to look up for the team who won the camps last year (which i, sadly, was not a part of)...

over the course of october i've also come to some realizations:

1. People change (i knew this before, but i always seem surprised when it happens) - i've realized that sometimes your friends change - or they never really were the person you admired in the first place - and it's not a bad thing to go searching for new friends (although i try to make a new friend whenever possible). i've also realized that your real friends will tend to shine through the rest, and those are the people you have to hold onto, there's not a lot of people like that left in this world...

2. Hard work does pay off - studying your ass off and knowing the material you will be tested on does pay off in most classes (however if i was in a more difficult major there might be some classes i probably wouldn't be able to pass no matter how hard i tried)...

3. No matter how badly i want to get in shape i'm hardly ever motivated to go to the gym, and i will never refuse a slice of pizza, and i'm ok with that - i have come to terms with this realization and figured out if i play hockey twice a week and have dryland once a week i'm not really as lazy as i thought i was... and i've just accepted that i love food and can never really cut anything i enjoy out of my diet no matter how much salt, sugar, or fat it has in it (i never have been one for counting calories, it just confuses me).. this fact used to bother me, but its nice to not worry about fat content, salt, or calories every day of my life...

4. Nipissing has some pretty cute guys (although the 7:1 ratio still blows) - however, i don't seem to know any of them... ( this is more a note to myself to make contact with some attractive members of the opposite sex) and i'm constantly reminded by my sociology professor that i will most likely meet my life-long (or partially life-long) partner here at university... seems like a lot of pressure to find someone here when there's so much more important things to worry about...

5. Going on walks to the park at 11pm and going on the swings is therapeudic - if you haven't done this already - try it - although take a buddy with you so you don't get jumped (*reminder: cute date idea?)..

6. Making time for yourself is key - watching law and order and playing zoo tycoon seems to be a nice break from all the studying i seem to do... and i'd encourage anyone else to make sure they take time for themselves, it really helps when you're stressed out..

7. Tell people you appreciate them- when your best friend's birthday coencides with a friend who has passed away you start to think... not necessarily being upset, but it just really makes you think about life and appreciate everything... taking things for granted is something all of us do, but i've come to the realization even though i might fail a test or do bad on an assignment or lose a hockey game, it's not the end of the world... it's extremely important to try and tell your friends how important they are to you, and if you have a fight with someone try to come to an agreement and mend the wrongs - the worst thing you can do is have regrets if something goes wrong..

8. Making pointless lists that probably nobody will read or will care about is a pretty damn good procrastination tool

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What to expect from me and my blog...

the intro?

if you haven't already realized by reading my first post... this blog is not going to include spectacular poems that seem to have been written by someone who seems to have a sense of lyrical genius... nor will they attempt to divulge every nitty gritty aspect of my personal life... i am not a student that is obsessed with studying and attaining a 95% average, although if i can keep it above 75% i will be happy... i am not a star athlete and i don't have any astounding abilities that sets me far apart from everyone else... 

... that aside i believe that i do have certain abilities and personality traits that make me an individual.. however, if you're looking for a blog written by someone who is high above the curve, you will not find it in me... i regard myself as strikingly ordinary... yes i do want to make a difference in this life, although i realize i can't save the world... i make mistakes and i'm human... i enjoy swings and monkey bars... and i'm slightly a hopeless romantic (although more hopeless than romantic)... 

i believe that through reading my blog you will be able to connect with what i have to say... as most of you reading this probably consider yourselves an ordinary student such as myself... i'm sure this year will hold some happy moments, some sad moments, and even some devistating moments.. but they will all be taken in stride, and regardless of the outcome, i am glad to provide you a tiny glimpse into a seemingly ordinary student perspective...

my name is amanda.. and this is my life..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And so it begins...

almost october already.. the first month has really flown by and things are starting to pick up..
i miss the first two weeks after i arrived - going to the beach and working on my tan which i seemed to neglect all summer because of overworking and a certain something lacking in my social life.. maybe it was all the working interfering in my social life, that would make a lot of sense... although being a security guard at a hospital was not the most glamourous job, i can honestly say it tought me a lot about people.. but this is barely relavent to this school year and what is happening now, although my job is the only reason i can afford to eat and have a social life...

getting back on track...

in an attempt to stay on top of readings i try and do some each day, although i always seem to find rollercoaster tycoon to be slightly more alluring... with my first test of the year tomorrow i need to learn how to start studying and stop consructing hypothetical theme parks...

on another front..

hockey tryouts are now over and i'm surprisingly not too worried about what the outcome will be.. i'm pretty confident in my abilities, but i dont want to be too confident... however the situation in intermurals is slightly more worrysome... with our first roster folding, and the merging of two teams into one i was thrown back into the draft because of a lack of space on the protected list...
today started to look up with another team taking a slight interest in my abilities, but now i am curious to which team will be picking me up in the draft tomorrow - the old team that essentially abandoned me, or the new team that seems far more promising in ability..

Maybe things do happen for a reason...

.. although i enjoy procrastinating, i must stop 'blogging' - or as i prefer to call it 'your personal diary to be viewed by the world' - because i really do need to study...

... although who am i kidding, i'll probably just go on facebook

you can't say you'd do any different...