Friday, January 23, 2009

The annoying, '25 things about you' notes..

As pointless as these things must seem, I recently realized that they could be an excellent reason to reflect on my life thus far and see where i am falling short and where i am succeeding... i felt much better after i completed this short '25 random things about me' list... i encourage some of you to do it, and maybe post it on your own blogs... so that i can know more about my fellow bloggers (although it doesnt necessarily have to be personal)

anywho here's my 25 random facts about me..

1. I don't really like cheese, and i absolutely hate mayo or anything that even slightly resembles it
2. I am not comfortable in my own skin
3. Ironic to #2, I could have been a model last summer, however I couldn't travel to Toronto on a regular basis
4. I have never believed long distance relationships work, however I'm in one right now
5. I want to be in the RCMP, but leaving my friends and family is holding me back
6. I also want to go to law school, or do a masters degree, but money is holding me back
7. I am disapointed when people talk about me behind my back, because I always find out, but i realize who my real friends are which is a plus
8. I can't wrap my head around the concept of God, as much as I'd like to belive in such a thing
9. Going to church for the first 10 years of my life didn't make me a good person, good parenting, great friends, and self-determination did
10. I am a hopeless romantic
11. I feel like I'm destined for more than the normal everyday life that everyone else is living.
12. I want to have a family and children, I have already picked their names.
13. I get lonely
14. I enjoy playing hockey, especially with the boys, it lets me know that I am good at what I do
15. I am capeable of unconditional love
16. I know that I am a good person inside, and that people will and do look past my flaws and love me for who i am. That makes me have faith in people
17. I really want to help people and I sincerely enjoy volunteer work, and am disapointed because I don't do it enough
18. I love to learn, I don't know how I'll survive without school
19. Frosh week and my week at OELC were the best two weeks of my life, hands down
20. I believe that we should accept people for who they are, let people make their own decisions, but help them when they need it
21. I think that no matter what kind of policies Obama puts in place, it can't be as bad as the complete stupidity Palin would have brought to the white house.
22. American politics is more interesting than Canadian Politics
23. I don't want to give up on my dreams, and I fear that I will
24. I am a good student
25. I think things like this are pointless, and it's kind of lame to write pointless facts about yourself, but also a good procrastination so i don't have to write my sociology paper

i realize now, that it wasnt as bad as i originally thought, and i see where i'm falling short and where i've really developed as a good person.. i really encourage anyone else to fill this out themselves...

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